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Travis Ervin
ICQ Number: 375586107


I love to learn and so I wish to further not only my knowledge in programming, but all fields of study. I have a strong work ethic, an ambitious attitude, the ability to overcome obstacles, and willing to learn to make anything happen.


I have 3+ years of programming experience in C/C++. Using these languages, I have written my own Libraries/API's. One of these is a singly and doubly linked list API which is written in C++11 and are template classes. I have learned how to write effective libraries in a robust language that will also stand the test of time. Along with these little projects, I have also written, from scratch, my own Tic-Tac-Toe game ( Written completely in C++ using only Win32 and OpenGL. I also have experience using other languages such as:
  • Java
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • AJAX

I have written an Android application for personal use and a Minecraft modification using Java. My Minecraft modification can be found here:
I have written a many scripts in PHP which access custom databases, access files, do calculations, etc. They can be found on a Minecraft server website ( Server/). The sidebar contains a simple script that pings a Minecraft server and reports the number of people logged in, who they are, the port it is running on, and the latency from the site to the server.
I have also built my home page ( without the help of external tools. I wrote all the HTML and CSS by hand (in notepad).


Skill Time Used
(Accumulative Total)
Proficiency Summary
C/C++ (i386 and amd64) 3+ years
  • 3rd party library use and maintenance
  • Creation of libraries/APIs
  • Creation and maintenance of classes
  • Creation and maintenance of templates (both methods and classes)
  • Dynamic memory allocation (pointers) and their manipulation
  • Operators (logical, bitwise, unary, etc.)
  • Concept of scope
  • Overloading (methods and operators)
PHP (version 5+) 1+ years
  • 3rd party library use
  • Function creation
  • Accessing of high-level objects (i.e. JSON)
  • Integration with complex systems
Java ≤1 year
  • 3rd party library use
  • Creation and maintenance of classes
  • Creation of interfaces
  • Integration with complex systems
JavaScript ≤1 year
  • 3rd party library use
  • Creation of objects
  • Integration with complex systems
AJAX ≤1 year
  • XHTTP and ActiveX use
  • Interaction with a PHP server
  • Parsing JSON data
HTML (versions 4+) 1+ years
  • Create complete webpage
  • Creation and use of forms
  • Create tables and Lists
  • Embed multimedia (videop, flash, audio)
CSS 1+ years
  • Create div classes
  • Align objects to window edges (top, left, right, bottom)
  • Creation of non-scrolling background images
  • Manipulation of HTML objects
Assembly ≤1 year
  • Use within other languages (notable C/C++)
  • Create and access registers

Known Libraries and API's

Library/API name Proficient Version
OpenGL 1.1 and up
OpenAL 1.1 and up
Microsoft© Win32 Version with MSVC 9.0 (2008)
Microsoft© MFC Version with MSVC 9.0 (2008)
(used to load common image files)
Any version
(used to load common sound files)
Any version
(3rd party GUI toolkit)
4.7 and up
Android SDK Android Version: 2.3.2

Known Tools

Tool name What it was used for
Microsoft© Visual Studio 2008
  • Generic C/C++
  • Win32
  • MFC
Qt Creator
  • Generic C/C++
  • Qt GUI Applications
  • Generic C/C++
Eclipse IDE
  • Java Development
  • Android Development
  • PHP
  • AJAX
  • JavaScript
jom (C++ compiler)
  • Compilation of Qt in Windows©
gcc/g++ (C/C++ compiler)
  • Compilation of code in Linux
  • To use gcc/g++ on Windows©
  • To aquire Minecraft™ modification code
SVN (Subversion)
(Both TortoiseSVN(Windows©) and svn(Linux))
  • To back-up and maintain code (C/C++/Java)
Meld (Source comparator)
  • To compare source code in Linux
SHA1 / MD5SUM command-line tools (Linux)
  • To keep track of source code changes

Operating Systems I have used/worked with

OS Name Doing what?
Microsoft© Windows XP - Windows 7 C/C++ Development (Win32, MFC, Qt)
Java Development (Minecraft)
Apple© OS X 10.5 Objective-C Development in Cocoa
C/C++ Development (Cocoa)
Ubuntu Linux 7.10 - 12.10 C/C++ Development (Qt, XLib, GTK+)
Java Development (Minecraft)
Gentoo Linux C Development (Generic C applications)
Arch Linux C Development (Generic C applications)
Android 2.3.2+ C/C++ Development (NDK)
Java Development (Personal Application)


Home Schooled
Topics Studied:
  • Mathematics (College level Calculus)
  • Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
  • Language (English Grammar, English Vocabulary)
  • U.S. History and Constitution


Available Upon Request

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